Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Return of the Pessimist

Funding. Sighs and groans all round. I’ve just received an email stating that I did not qualify for AHRC funding (unsurprising since the money available has been cut significantly yet education fees have risen and the course is highly competitive. A 2:1 just doesn’t cut it. Oh, and conspiracy theorists amongst us are convinced that it mostly goes to male librarians. They create crop circles, you know.). I’m also too old (just) for the Stationers’ postgraduate bursary. Darn graduating at the start of the recession, confound my persistent, resistant depression.
This unfortunately means that I have to find approximately £8,000 to fund the course. Please pass the Kleenex.
So it looks like I’ll be going round banks begging for a Career Development Loan. Unless, you know, some generous soul wants to donate to my MA fund.

Ideas for fund-raising thus far:

Bake and sell cupcakes (they’re in fashion, right?),
Miraculously find a winning lottery jackpot ticket (if this does happen, I would also provide scholarships for other desperate arts students),
Pick up every scrap of loose change I see on the street and hope it adds up,
Sell kidney (I have two),
Write novel (I’m thinking Mills and Boon Seduction in the Stacks… or maybe commercial chick lit.).


(Photograph taken from Think I'll have a whirl at making them anyway!)

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  1. Hi Alice,

    I'll be starting an MA in Library & Information Studies at UCL in September too and have just found your blog. Good luck with finding a way to pay the fees. Hopefully I'll meet you in September!